Are you thinking about converting to a Long Term rental?

STOP Do not read any further if you are NOT interested in better cash flow for your STR property and 52 weeks of bookings. Let’s get straight to the point and the following statement is compiled from initial conversations from previous Short Term Rental owners who have contacted us. Does it apply to you?

I’ve had my STR home for X years. With the current state of the economy and the low ball rates I keep been offered combined with the high utility bills and property tax it’s just not a feasible financial proposition at this time. It’s not the right time to sell so I’m thinking could I convert to a LTR for a few years and then see how things are. Can you help me?”

There are only two solutions for you. Keep things as they are and go down the same road to the same place every time, or consider converting to a Long Term Rental to take an alternate route. FloridaHomesOnly and our US based EXCLUSIVE day-to-day LTR management company Warner Quinlan Inc can help you make the transition.

Benefits to you of Long Term rentals

  • Tenant pays all utility costsFlorida villa
  • No sales and tourist tax to pay on rental income
  • No STR marketing costs or website needed
  • No need to respond to 100’s of rental enquiries
  • More time for yourself & family
  • A professionaly regulated industry
  • Dealing with a company that has a 40 year history

Do you want answers to any of these questions?

  1. Is there a peak season in the LTR market?
  2. Is furnished or unfurnished best?
  3. What can be done to minimize any tenant issues?
  4. What can I expect in rental income?
  5. Is LTR going to be right for me and my objectives?

To find out from a financial point of view if LTR works better than STR request the FREE calculator that compares income and expenses in both situations. Just complete the form on the FREE calculator page and it will automatically be emailed to you.